Droppin’ Science Conference – Registration & Program Now Live!

Apr 24, 2024 | Events

The ERC CIPHER Team in collaboration with University College Cork’s Centre for Arts Research and Practice is geeked to host DROPPIN’ SCIENCE: Hip Hop Ciphering and Deciphering, the seventh annual Meeting of the European HipHop Studies Network. The conference will take place in Cork, Ireland from 23-26 May 2024! This year’s meeting is free and open to the public thanks to the European Research Council’s support of the CIPHER: Hip Hop Interpellation knowledge mapping project.

Visit https://globalcipher.org/home/cfp-droppin-science-conference/ for registration and program details.

This year’s theme asks us to bear witness to the strength of street knowledge. For four days in May, we will recognize hip hop as an organic intellectual arts practice and critically minded culture, building upon that foundation through workshops, conversations, performances, keynotes, scholarship, and fellowship. For four days in May, we will dance about ideas, considering what it means to flip the script on the university knowledge trade and reimagine our relationship to science, Wissenschaft, and all the narrow “ologies” with which white Europeans claimed mastery over our world. For four days in May, we will build a “pluriversity” “that is open to epistemic diversity” and “not merely the extension throughout the world of a Eurocentric model presumed to be universal” (Mbembe, 2015). For four days in May, we will cipher up, form “the ultimate alliance,” and create a hip hop autonomous zone in Ireland’s Rebel City, building common cause around hip hop ways of knowing and ways of being, ceasing to be mere scholars of hip hop and, instead, taking up the mantle of hip hop scholars.

We hope to see you there!

Daytime Conferencing Thursday to Sunday, Evening Club Nights Thursday to Saturday (Check back at globalcipher.org for full line up)